Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Manitoba Fires - How Big is it?

This morning Kayla brought in some info to share with the class about the fires that are burning in Manitoba. This sparked some interesting conversation and even started a little investigation we will share more about later. We are going to figure out what 18 000 hectares really looks like! So far we know that 18 000 hectares is the same as 18 000 000 meters squared. We drew 1 meter squared on the board so we could have a visual.
-Mrs. Dent Scarcello :)

There was a fire that started in Nopiming provincial park.They say it started with grass brushing together but my tic toc Oma said that one of her friends said it started with lightning. I don't know whether to believe the global news on the computer or my tic toc Oma. I can't believe whats happening. But the wind is pushing it so it's spreading fast.

At first it was heading to beresford then the wind switched so now it's going the other way.There are 2 helicopters and more than 40 fire trucks . Right know we have allot of memerys in the cabin and pictures. My family is really worried about the cabin and uncle Walters cabin. Because he is re building his cabin.we were just there for thanks giving it's scary.

But if you type in fires in Nopiming provincial park you can find out the information I found out. The fire near bassette has grown to 18,000 hectares and is about 40 km long and 6 km wide.

PS - Kayla typed all this on my iPhone Blogger app! Way to go! She said her fingers are sore!

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Anonymous said...

hey Kayla,
sorry about the sore fingers.I really liked your review.I also heard about the fire on news.How long did it take to learn all this information?

P.S. you made a few mistakes.