Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Amazing TWAS

This week at school our class had LA.  We did word work in daily 5.  We learned a new game called banana grams, it's where you get 21 letters and then someone says split and you flip over your letters, then you try to make as many words as you can make out of your letters, if someone says dump they put a letter that you don't want in the bunch and pick 3 letters.  When you can't make any more words you say bananas then the game is finished.  It is really fun!

               This week our class had art, we did pointillism.  It's where you can only make a  picture out of dots only.  But you can only do a picture of a tree.  You have to use Q-tips to paint. I really like pointillism!

          This afternoon we will be having a assembly.  I will be introducing the people coming from Winnipeg Harvest.  I will be speaking with Emily and Jayda.  I'm a little bit nervous because it is my first time speaking in front of the school.  It will be super fun!

              This week at school our class started the Plastic Bag Round-up.  If we collect the most Plastic bags out of  all the schools participating we could win a bench made out of resycled plastic.  We will also get frisbee's for each class.  They look really cool when they are done.  I really really hope we win the bench.  After we get to clean out the bags and then we have to put them inside out and pull them to make them thin.  Once we get ten we have a tally chart and we will put a tally.  Each tally represents 10 bags.



Krista said...
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Krista said...

I love your pointillism fall art Grade 5ers! Was it an easy or difficult art job? What other things do you think you could paint this way?

I was reading an earlier post, and just had to ask . . . What exactly is Silent Ball?! It sounds like a super fun game! Do you think it is a game that younger kids could play?

I hope you all have an awesome long weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ms. Wasney :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashleigh
I really loved you're TWAS and the detail in it. I was nervous the first time I spoke in front of an audience at my school. How many plastic bags do you have so far?
How many do you need to win the bench?
Love Mom