Monday, November 14, 2011

Chilling With Nanuq

A digital friend of mine, Andy McKiel, has been invited to join an amazing adventure. He has travelled to Churchill, Manitoba to spend a week studying polar bears and their habitat. He will be working along with Edmodo, Polar Bears International and a team of scientists from around the world to share the fall polar bear migration with the rest of the world!
This adventure started on the weekend and today they will start broadcasting at 12:00 CST. We will be following his adventures through his blog at which includes his stories, photos and the video feed.
Andy will answer any of our questions as we leave them as comments on his blog.
Enjoy :)
-Mrs. Dent Scarcello :)

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Andy McKiel said...

I'm glad that you and your students are following along with me on this Arctic Adventure, Mrs. Dent Scarcello! I've been learning a lot over the last couple of days, but I know that there's so much learning that we'll do over the next several days on the tundra :-)

I hope that you enjoy participating in the Tundra Connections webcasts over the next three days! I just heard that there are over 1000 classrooms from around the world signed up for today's webcast - wow!!!