Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vow of Silence

"We won’t stand by while children are subjected to exploitation, poverty and the denial of their basic rights. Every day, millions of children are silenced by these abuses. But we can take a stand for children everywhere."

I got an email last night explaining to me that one of the students in our Me to We Club, Madeline, was going to take the Vow of Silence today. I was impressed because this seems like a very difficult task for a young student. When we were at We Day, one of the speakers was participating in the vow and did his entire speach with posters. The entire crowd of 16 000 children and teachers was silent. Absolutely silent. It was moving.
Today Kaitlin came to school and had decided to take the Vow of Silence. As she came in silently, other students were wondering what she was doing. Some thought it was silly and others jumped on board with her right away. Kaitlin's brother is a part of a Free the Children Club at his school and many of the students in our class are a part of our Me to We Club. After the Vow of Silence was explained to the class and we watched a short video clip about it, 22 out of our 26 kids are participating (and 2 are absent!). Next door in Mrs. Tresoor's room the exact same thing is happening.

"The Vow of Silence is Free The Children’s annual awareness-raising campaign that engages tens of thousands of participants to stand up for children whose rights are not being upheld."

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that is crazy.
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