Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Plastic Bag Roundup Final Count

Are totall of plastic bag is 9410 plasic bags. I wish we could get more plastic bags but it is over so we can'tget more. If we reched are plastic bag gole of 10,00 plastic bags we mit get the plastic bag bench.It dupens if we have more plastic bags then some school. I think even if we dont get the plastic bench we can

Grade 5 did an amzing job with the Plastic Bag Roundup this year. We planned and advertised more than any other class I have had which made a big difference. Some students even made posters to post in the community at places like their post office box and Sobeys. I know for certain at least one person brought a giant bag of bags to our school because he saw the poster at Sobeys. He didn't even have any children in this school! Everyone was very tolerant of the constant mess of plastic bags floating around in our room and did a good job of working around them. We had one final delivery of bags today and some friendly grade 3 and 4 students helped count them at lunch while my students were at volleyball practice.
Our final count was 9410 which is JUST below our goal of 10 000. Last year at Bird's Hill School we collected 4800 so we nearly DOUBLED last year's collection. THIS IS AWESOME! That is a lot of bags we are keeping out of the landfill.
While the Plastic Bag Roundup is done for this year, that doesn't mean you should throw out your bags. Most grocery stores have a big plastic container at the front door where plastic bags are collected for recycling. Or, if you have a LARGE closet, you could save them for Plastic Bag Roundup 2012!
Oh, and our frisbees were delivered today! Each student in my class who participated in the project will get a frisbee and the rest will go to classrooms and the Phys Ed program.
Thanks for all the support!

-Mrs. Dent Scarcello :)


Janet said...

Congratulations Grade 5s - on your leadership and good planning for this fun (and important) event. You will have a cool frisbee to remind yourself of the importance of re-using, reducing, and recycling.

Anonymous said...

If we get the plastic bag bench where would we put it in are class room? Maybe we could take turns using it at our tables or maybe it could go in the hallway outside of our room.Then like if you have a headache and you need somewhere quiet to sit you could go there.

From Kirstyn

Anonymous said...

It was so much fun doing the plastic bag roundup. if we got the bench would we put it by the front door of the school where the lost and found is? Well thanks for letting us do the plastic bag round up Mrs. Dent Scarcello.

Anonymous said...

i like to see what was in the bags. :) It was really fun counting all of the different bags. Do you know who won? i hope we did.