Monday, November 7, 2011


This week at school we did a big project my partner was mason he was a good partner. He helped me with a project. The project was a wind vane and it was fun. We had a fun time together and I hope we do another project. But I think we had a lot.

I gym I had a lot of fun because we had a gusset teacher his name is Mr. Wood. He is a nice teacher but he is a little mean but not a lot. He was super nice to me and he is a sub for a gym teacher. I hope he will come back and sub for us. We played volleyball and my partner was Emily. Emily said I was really good at volley ball I was super at playing agents the other component.

In music I did a really fun time doing the computer job. Instead of doing singing part of music. In music we sang all about Remembrance Day. Our songs were about assemble for our gussets.

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