Monday, November 14, 2011

Rememberance day

Today Nov 10 we had our Remembrance Day assembly.  Before we started we sang O Canada and had a minute of silence.  We had 4 special guests.  We had 3 veterans and one lady named Angie that was alive during world war II.  She told us about when she was a little girl in grade 5 and about all the war an bombs.  She was on the Holland side and against the Germans.  One day the Germans put her in jail.Then we sang a song called Thank a Vet and bless our troops with the whole school. The grade 2’s and 3’s gave postcards to the 3 veterans.  After the grade 4’s sang a song.  Then our class helped clean up the gym and put the chairs away.  Our Remembrance Day assembly was great.  
Emily and Rachel. 

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