Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skyping with Mrs.Malkoske's class :)

Today we tried out Skype for the first time as a class. We had a call with Mrs. Malkoske's grade 1 and 2 class down the road at Dr. Hamilton School. We are going to Skype regularly as reading buddies for Read to Someone during our Daily 5 time. After we all had our chance to see what Skype is all about, Rachel and Ricky had a chance to read to two students in their class. I love using Skype in this way whether it is with same-age students or Little Buddies like this. The students are totally engaged in it and able to model being good readers for the youngsters.
-Mrs. Dent Scarcello :)

Today I was the first person to skype with Mrs.Malkoske's class. I skyped with Jayden, I read her If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and she read Dolphins. I think both books were awesome!It was pretty fun being the first one to skype with someone. This was my first time. I hope I will get to skype with her again.
BY:Rachel :P

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Janet said...

That is so awesome - and exciting. I am sure you will enjoy reading many good books to the younger ones and maybe you will find a group of students with whom you can write and publish a story; or edit your already written stories. Perhaps you can become an expert in one of your Science topics and another class can ask you questions like they do on the International Polar Bear site. That would be a fun way to share and show what you learned.