Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Awesome Questions of the Day

Today we were doing Questions of the Day. It was fun to do because we got to ask our classmates a question. -Max

Today we learned how to do Question of the Day and now I think everybody knows how to do it. -Elisa

We right down a question on our paper and then we ask people our question. When we are finished asking everyone we write the total at the bottom. On the back we answer questions about the results. -Iain

We mark each person's answer with their initial so we can keep track of who we already asked. -Laine

I liked doing Question of the Day because we got to mark down our friend's answers. -Carter L

Some of our questions were yes or no questions but some were different. -Carter V and Paige

I noticed that a lot of people asked the question "Do you have a pet?" 7 people out of 19 asked this question - Mrs. Dent Scarcello

I liked answering my friend's questions. -Rebecca and Katrina

Some people didn't enjoy Question of the Day as much as other people. Maybe it wasn't their favorite. -Iain

I liked it because we got to walk around our classroom and answer each other's questions. -Alexa


Mrs. Dent Scarcello said...

This is me doing question of the day! -Max

Anonymous said...

very cool laine