Friday, April 12, 2013

Growing and Changing Animals and our week

Yesterday we started brainstorming about things we know and things we wonder about animals. We are talking about how they grow and change. We worked in groups and then shared our ideas with the class. We are keeping track of our ideas using this lino board. You can click and drag it around to see the other ideas. The yellow ones are things we know and the blue ones are wonders we have.

I liked it when we got to go to the computer lab and Mrs. Dent showed us stuff we can do on our blog.

I liked it when Mrs. Dent showed us the What I Am song.

Mrs. Dent Scarcello's blog (our blog) is really cool.

I liked the What I Am song because it taught us what we are.
-Carter L

The What I Am song gave us what to write in the speech bubble.

The What I Am song gave us some ideas to put on the speech bubbles.
-Carter V

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Anonymous said...

i likeed how you put all the class animlls in a cida on a sece note. how do you get that?laine