Thursday, April 25, 2013

Music Monday

On Monday it is Music Monday. Everybody in Canada they sing the song ISS (Is Somebody Singing) by Commander Chris Hadfield and The Barenaked Ladies. - Elisa

Most people try to sing at the exact same time. In our time zone it is at 12:00. -Carter V.

We are singing ISS for Commander Chris Hadfield. -Rebecca

We like the song ISS because at the end of the video Cmdr Hadfield lets go of his guitar and it floats because there is no gravity in space. -Katrina

ISS also stands for International Space Station. -Alexa

We are hoping to watch the live concert of Cmdr Hadfield from space on Monday at 12 pm (EDT). -Iain

The music video of the song is awesome! -Laine

ISS the video is really cool. I like it when he throws the guitar. -Paige

If you haven't already heard of Commander Chris Hadfield and the ways he is connecting from space, listen up! Here is yet another example of the positive ways he is using technology and social media to connect with youth in Canada and around the world. He has done live video chats with schools including Chief Peguis from RETSD, regularly tweets amazing photos of Earth from space (@Cmdr_Hadfield), is connected through Facebook, posts videos and answers questions that are sent to him through any of these platforms. He is definitely worth checking out and following. -Mrs. Dent Scarcello :)


Mrs. Dent Scarcello said...

UPDATE: Great news, Music Monday is next Monday! So if you thought you missed it, you didn't. There is still time to learn the song and catch the live concert from space on Monday, May 6.

Janet said...

What a great idea. Thanks kids for sharing what you like about the song and the video. Your comments made me want to view the video. It gave me goosebumps! I love the lyrics, the stars on set, the sound of everyone singing together, and Cmdr Chris Hadfield has a great voice too! I'll be thinking of you on Music Monday at noon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I liked when Chris rapeats youd
no why i wonae gat baek son.
Chris is reile good at sing.
Chris sing like me.Das Chris
sing more song.