Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Earth Day Art

We are doing art today for Earth Day.

We are making flowers out of recyclable stuff.

One of the materials we used is newspaper and paint.

We painted newspapers to make the flowers.
-Carter L

The flowers will be made out of newspaper and fabric.

Somebody donated fabric samples to the school because they weren't using them anymore.


We are using all the circles we cut out of fabric to make our flowers.

We used all different kinds of fabrics.

Some fabrics that we used were hard to cut.

We used lots of paint to paint the newspaper.
-Carter V

The colours of the paint were blue, red, orange, purple and yellow.

At the yellow group of paint we had to use two bowls of paint.

We tried not to get too much paint on the tables when we were painting the newspaper.

One of the other materials we are going to use is beads. The beads came from an old car seat cover. Our teacher got them from a garage sale.

I stayed at the blue paint table the whole time.

The two tables I went to were blue and yellow.

Earth Day is about caring for the Earth and Mother Nature. That means by not littering. Compostable stuff can turn into soil that helps flowers and other plants grow.


We try not to drive our cars as much on Earth Day everyday because it's bad for the Earth.


Anonymous said...

that cool sam

Mrs. Dent Scarcello said...

Making flowers is fun!Flowers smell

good.Do you like flowers

Anonymous said...

i like all the pating and i like the flowers. how do you get all the fabec?laine