Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Coming Soon - Caterpillars!!

We are talking about the caterpillars that are coming to our class next week. Our teacher told us that Mrs. Malkoske's class got theirs this week! We went to their blog to check them out and saw the livestream of their caterpillars. Our teacher told us we will have that too!

We have some questions for Mrs. Malkoske's class:

How many caterpillars do you have? -Olivia
What do they eat? -Carter V
What type of caterpillars are they? -Paige
We are getting Painted Lady caterpillars. -Tommy-Lee
Are yours Painted Ladies too? -Max
That sounds fun, I am excited that we get some too! -Katrina and Rebecca
What day did you get them on? -Carter L and Tyler
What do they look like? -Alexa
Do they move a lot? -Elisa and Paige
I hope they are Painted Lady butterflies, I am excited!! -Laine
Has one turned into a butterfly yet? -Avery
I hope they look good! -Sam
I hope they have nice wings. -Paige
Where do you keep them? -Iain
How old are they? -Tyler
What are they doing in the livestream? I couldn't tell. -Kaitlyn

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Anonymous said...

the caterpillrs that we have are so tiniy. how did wors get her?laine