Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Growing Up to be Strong People - The Day of Pink!

Today was the Red Cross Day of Pink. Folks all over were encouraged to wear pink to take a stand against bullying. Why pink?
It started in 2007 when two high school students in Nova Scotia took a stand against bullying in their school. The students asked all of their peers to wear pink to school after they heard a male classmate had been bullied for wearing a pink shirt. To continue the momentum, the Canadian Red Cross Day of Pink campaign brings together schools and communities to wear the shirt and stand together against bullying. -

The children and I talked about this and started discussing the personality traits that we have that are going to make us strong people that stand up for others. We have also been listening to "What I Am" by (a lot, it's awesome) which talks about being a strong person. Awesome!

To pull it all together, each child decided which trait of theirs was the most important to them and we took a picture! We just need to snap one more photo tomorrow and our collage of anti-bullying, strong, supportive traits will be ready!

For now, here are a couple of samples. Stay tuned for the final product :)

You might be wondering, "how can 'fast' help us be strong people that can stand up for others?" like I was. The answer - if you see someone treating someone else unkindly then you can run really fast to tell someone and get help. I can't argue with that!

~Mrs. Dent Scarcello :)


Anonymous said...

Carter B dida good one.Fast can help us!I am fast are you?

Anonymous said...

thats osum emily

Anonymous said...

I like them. ther is me in it to why did we do it?TOMMY-LEE

Anonymous said...

i likeed how ranning can be halp full. how do you post suif on the blog?laine