Monday, April 4, 2011


In February and March, we made hardcover books with Mrs. Dent (Mrs. Dent Scarcello's mom). We wrote the stories, made the books from scratch (even sewed them together) and published our stories in them. We are just about finished illustrating our books and some are already done! We loved making books with Mrs. Dent, THANK YOU!
All of the steps to making a hardcover book are on this blog! Along the right side you will find the pages in this blog. Click on bookmaking and you are all set!


Janet said...

Woooohooo - good job in illustrating your books. It was a lot of work AND a lot of fun making books with you. I hope you will try it at home.

Brooke :) said...

I had fun making my hardcover book. My hardcover book is called poems.
Brooke :)