Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day :)

It is one of my favorite special days of the year - Earth Day! We have been discussing, writing and creating all things Earth Day lately. We created a very cool looking art project using tinfoil and paint. We have also done a lot of discussing about what we can do to help out the Earth and then writing about this as well. Today we moved on to writing poetry and explored some of the different styles of poetry we can write. We have discovered it is amazing how much we can do and what a difference we can make. After all, we are the future and the Earth is in our hands.

Cole is especially interested in taking care of the Atlantic Ocean, sharks live there!

 Happy Earth Day,
-Mrs. Dent Scarcello :)

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Anonymous said...

You guys did a good job on your pitchers. I relly liked the posies. How did you think of the posies.