Friday, April 8, 2011


This week at School we have "Read'in Buddies. They are go'in to read us books. We wonder if they will read us cool books. We will hopfully like there books.

We made a story map. what the story map is, is when we have a blank peace of paper. Then we we have another peace of paper that says " Beging middle middle end". Some of  us are finished, some of us did not.

This week at school we played who has. Brayden didn't to play. Because he didn't finish his homework. He was  almost done.

We listened watched scardy squirrel on Miss Dents Computer. We think it was better than the normle one.That was to deminstrait what to do for our Story map. It was on Tumble books.

We went on Google earth. Noah did not find his house. Miss Dent found the school for him. On Miss Dents computer, she found Soby's.

By Noah And Brayden

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