Sunday, April 10, 2011

Throwing a Life Vest to our Friends in Morris

On my way home from work I was listening to the news and heard that Highway 75 will likely close in 2-4 days due to flooding. This brought back many memories from my days working in Morris, Manitoba. I was also thinking about our friends in Ms. Martens' class, the students we have written with and met on Skype. Being in Winnipeg, we hear about the flood on the news and perhaps drive over a bridge or past the river to notice how it is rising. But unless we live on the river, we are not as affected by the flood as our friends in Morris. So after hearing the news I got in touch with my friend Ms. Martens to ask how things were going out there. After getting updated, I thought it would be neat to post here so we could see what the Morris Bridge usually looks like and follow it as the water rises. There is a live webcam on the bridge all the time that we can check at The Winnipeg Free Press. It takes a minute to load, so be patient. I am also creating another page on this blog (check the page list on the right) so that our friends in Morris can post updates for us to follow.

Morris River Live:

Highway 75, the Morris River and the Hwy 75 dike during the 2009 flood (while I worked in Morris):

One crazy section of Hwy 75 just before they diverted us to the other lanes!

The dike on Main Street, Highway 75 in Morris.

The Morris River. This is not even at crest. I am pretty sure it eventually went right over the rails.

I also went for a drive this weekend to see what the river and floodway look like now:
The Floodway as it meets the river, Lockport.

The Locks, Lockport

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