Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flood Progress

Every morning we check the Flood Cams to see if there are any changes in the water. Anna, Jayden, Taylor and Brooke have noticed some changes:
  • water stared to rise
  • roads are covered in water
  • streetrs are closed
  • thay make the dike bigger
  • houses are flooded by water
  • the water went up and there are more trees at the St. Jean brige.
  • they made a dike on Monday
  • there are LOTS of wood
  • highway 75 is flooded and closed
There is also a man near Morris who has a plane and takes photos of the flood every few days. Head over to his website to check out his photos.

Ms. Martens' class has also been updating the Flood Watch page with updates and photos. Also, a Morris photographer, Risk Photography, has posted some photos of the flood in the last few days.

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