Wednesday, April 27, 2011


In Daily 5 we have been working on retelling the main events from the stories we read. Today we used the strategy of a Story Map to retell the story "Spork" by Kyo Maclear.

At first some of the kids thought this story might be boring because the cover looks black and white but most were intrigued by the title. After looking at the cover and reading the first page we made predictions about what it would be about. Here is what the first page said:
"Spork was neither a spoon nor a fork...but a bit of both."
Some of our predictions were very thoughtful and interesting:
Cole – Spork is an eye scooper like in the army.

Anna – About his life as a spork

Alyssa P – He goes to a school and people make fun of him because his name is spork

Matthew – Everytime he goes out somewhere he slips and falls everywhere and gets messy.

Jayden – He gets teased a lot because he is a spork and there is no other one.

Madi – His mom and dad get used a lot and Spork feels lonely because he is a mix and he doesn’t get used a lot.

Noah – At school everyone makes fun of him but then they realize he is the best because he does something good.

Brody – He goes to school and he is the best spoon/fork.
Here is a sample of our story maps:

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Brenda Augusta said...

You have great taste in books. This one is on my shelf too! My favourite part is the ending. I love a happy ending. :)